PROJECT: Battersea Shutters

Semi circular shutters in London Battersea

This installation which was carried out in Battersea a couple of years ago is a great example of how London Shutters can tailor custom designed window shutters to fit most (we say most but we’d really like to say ‘all’, perhaps a little risky) windows, however awkward or oddly shaped they are. In this instance we are looking at a Battersea window which is semi circular arched in a loft conversion. The large property resembles many of the home here in London, with Victorian roots particularly round the Shafestbury Park Estate which has an incredible amount of beautfully preserved Victorian houses, visit Wikipedia to read more on Battersea homes

London Shutters will take your existing window whatever the size and shape, and we will innovate a solution based on our many years of experience which will ensure not just a great fitted shutter, but also will provide a robust, easy to operate and maintain, low cost solution for odd shaped windows (and of course regular good old rectangular windows). Measuring for this particular illustrated window was no trouble at all, our design consultant simply takes five measurements at various points of this perfect arch and draws a template which our hand made operatives mould a shutter round. There’s no rocket science with our shutters in Battersea, it’s a simple honest craft which generates jobs for many people and gorgeous window coverings for our customers!

This example was using an off-white plantation shutter which complements the subtle shading in the room where it was hung. There are two panels in the top arch of the interior window and two on the lower section which are operated by twisting the slats by hand. This customer chose to hide the operation pole or pushrod allowing for simple use and minimal visual noise. Another classic we feel!Why not get in touch with us and see what we can do for you!