White wooden kitchen shutters installed in Berkshire

PROJECT: A Berkshire shutter installation

Berkshire Shutters

It’s always a pleasure to receive a call from an existing customer, whatever the industry but particularly in our service orientated product installation field. So we were extremely pleased when our lovely Berkshire customers rang a few months after we installed interior bedroom shutters for them as they were remodelling their kitchen.

Our consultant knew their project already and popped up to measure the large kitchen window and it was decided that crisp white wooden shutters would compliment the new look perfectly. With durable and easy to clean hard wood, these window treatments are ideal for the odd splash from the kitchen sink. After measuring up we e-mailed a written cost and proceeded to order these bespoke hand made shutters. After just a few weeks they arrived at our Brighton distribution centre and we loaded the van and our installer made easy work of fitting the products in just a couple of hours!

Our installers are fully trained professionals and will always clean up after themselves. Here you can see he took a photo of the job at just before clean up stage whilst having a cup of tea made by our kind hosts. Using a fitting company such as ourselves gives the customer the knowledge that years of craftsmanship will ensure a smooth job whatever shaped windows you might have. In this instance the walls had all been re-plastered as part of the kitchen remodel so the job was extra simple and pleasurable!

Pushrods and other design details

Design wise it’s always easy to choose clean linear shaped white shutters as many of our customers do. Little design titbits on these particular products include white hinges and easy to operate exposed push rods at the front of the slats. Having pushrods means that our customers can simply raise or lower the slats to open and close the shutters without having to reach further and use the slats themselves, which would be the case with hidden rods. We also think it makes a nice clean design feature to the broad slats in this instance.

With average house prices in Berskshire pushing way over £300k (see this article) we believe that adding beautiful window shutters adds value to a property. They are discreet and when fitted professionally provide long lasting service for yourself or new owners if you are thinking of selling. It’s a great area to be living in – read this FT article here and we are pleased to say that referrals from happy customers make up a good portion of our business so please give us a try and we’ll be more than happy to submit a written quotation for you before proceeding if you wish to.

Download our PDF factsheet for this project:

download the fact sheet hereWhy not download London Shutters factsheet for this lovely installation and read more about some of the reasons why we get so many repeat customers calling us up! We always aim to provide the cleanest and quickest service which we can. Our initial quotes are made for each window of your home based on dimensions you provide and if you are happy with the quote in principle, give us a call and we’ll come out and measure for you. Simple as that!

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