solid wood panel shutter

Super solid traditional wooden shutter example. Perfect for bedrooms!

Choosing a London Shutter Company. Get the right quote first!

We will be able to provide you with a quotation for shutters – it’s free and only takes a minute. If you grab a tape measure (see here how measure your windows) and complete the quote form online, we will e-mail you within 48 hours and we will even try and MATCH ANY QUOTATION!

Picking a design and supply firm for your plantation shutters can be based on all sorts of factors. The cheapest companies can ironically be the best, it’s worth hunting around for a shutter company which suits you. We would recommend reading about the products themselves, what type of shutters you’re looking for – wood, plastic etc. Ask your friends or relatives about their experiences and base your choice on personal recommendation if that is possible. London shutters would only ever use the best companies for design, supply and installation of shutters, as the reputation is at stake with every job. Excellent customer service is also something to look out for, just like with any home improvement project. Read about some of our London shutter installations right here in West Hampstead  and battersea to see if these appeal to your style and window types. If you are not quite yet convinced about using this window covering against others, read our why use shutters page for more information.


How hard is it to install DIY shutters?

Contact us for a quote nowWindow shutters are reasonably simple to install, depending on the window and surround finish. There are no special tools required, nor any special restrictions for most windows. Some companies will make shutters for special shapes, like round windowsarched windows or even French door cut-out handles on shutters for doors, however the actual process for installing on a regular shaped window is pretty difficult and you probably won’t get them for DIY. The main element to get right is the measuring of the window in the first place, a bit like measuring for new windows, the time has to be taken to get this stage right, then it’s pretty simple thereafter. Older style properties of which there are many in London, may have had some settling or even subsidence in the past, which will often leave the windows out of true. (take a look at ask the builder which although about American houses is very informative). When this is the case you might well need to do some planing of the frame, or conversely filling of the gaps!. Even if you measure your windows correctly – using at least three measurements and taking the smallest one, you might find it’s a little tricky to get this part right. It can definitely be done but it’s not for everyone!

A brief history of shutters being used in and around Europe:

European shutters have been in use for decades and can be found as far back as 200AD. They served many purposes from keeping rooms cool to controlling the light. Nowadays they are available in multiple countries for DIY and install and the route you go depends on your time and budgets available.

Even companies like B&Q are now offering DIY window shutters with customers projects being posted online to demonstrate their successes. So we have no issues with customers opting for the DIY option. If your windows are pretty straightno special shapes, you’re confident with a drill and screwdriver, then get a reputable DIY supplier, and get stuck in!