PROJECT: Surrey Shutters

Bedroom shutters installed in Woking, Surrey by London Shutters

We do venture out of the city here at London Shutters and this Surrey customer was very pleased that we do, as their second-floor loft extension shows with brand new window shutters providing a subtle change from the run of the mill window coverings. Surrey has some incredible houses and homes, and Woking is no different as exemplified here. With quite a large local population coming from Italy you can imagine how popular our products are here as it’s in the blood for Mediterranean homeowners to use shutters rather than curtains.

You can clearly see the appeal here for this bedroom window, as by using double hung shutter panels this homeowner can now leave the lower panels closed (in this instance with the slats open) and the top panels folded back to the wall exposing the outside space. This allows the maximum amount of light to fall into the room, coupled with a great deal of privacy as the lower panels are hard to look through.

You can minimise fuss and appeal to contemporary interior design styles by opting for shutters. Woking is a pretty trendy place and we know how important fashions for interiors are with many customers. Using window shutters will not only provide some classic approaches to a fairly dull problem but do in fact offer a very good solution with style and panache.

Contact London shutters if you are in Surrey and we will come and measure up your windows, loft conversions, doors. for fine fitted accessible interior shutters.