STEP 1. Measure your windows… Just approximately. Here’s a guide

STEP 2: Grab yourself a free online quotation

STEP 3: When you receive an e-mail quote, compare it to anyone else in the UK! We’re sure we’ll be best!

STEP 4: Arrange an appointment with one of our consultants to see our products in person. You’ll love them even more!

STEP 5. We deliver your shutters and install them for you. We’re tidy,  quick and the installation process is a pleasant one with our fully trained craftspeople.

What to expect from A to Z

We often get asked what the order process is with London Shutters so we have put together this simple guide to how it works when enquiring about window shutters with us.

The good news is that it’s very easy…

After receiving your written quotation please do go and get it compared to as many other companies as you can. We will try and beat them all! Once you’re happy we’re the most cost effective and the best quality, arrange a home visit with our consultant and see our products for yourself.

Once they have done a final measure you’ll get a firm quotation in writing which you can then approve and get your custom shutters ordered. Just sit back and let us do the work when they arrive!

Easy peasy!