PROJECT: West Hampstead Shutters

Victorian Homes Perfect for Room Dividing Shutters in West Hampstead

Another classic project here illustrated is this West Hampstead installation. This customer was looking for a local company in London who were not only trustworthy but also came recommended as quality craftspeople. With a wealth of famous residents living in West Hampstead we had to work quickly and discreetly in this property which was Victorian if memory serves.

With an older property there will often be original features and elements which require either working around or complimenting with our design choices for the windows and doors. In this particular instance the room to be divided by shutters was set with polished antique pine floorboards (which we love of course!) and a classic Victorian clothes cupboard at around 4/5 room height which are also seen around West Hampstead and other London properties built in Victorian times.

The shutters were designed to work with both of these features, including having a dividing rail which was at very near the top of the room dividing shutters rather than at the bottom or middle which is far more common. This allowed the design of the existing house features to be carried over using clear linear movements from cupboard, to shutter to floor and we feel that it works very well!

The customer operates the room dividing shutters by pulling open the central panels or by twisting the wooden slats to allow light but leave the panels closed.

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